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Embracing Complexity with 
Polarity Wisdom

North & South America

April 24, 2024, 8:30 am - 1 pm US Pacific Time, Online

Asia Pacific Region

July 18, 2024, 9 am - 1 pm SGT, Online
November 12, 2024, 9 am - 1 pm SGT, Online

The Program

Transform your Relationship to Complexity and Change!

Multiply Your Ability To Embrace Complexity
with VeDA's Polarity Wisdom Lens and Toolkit 

How often do you notice experiencing tension within yourself and with others, around competing values, interests, and goals?

Do these tensions feel easy to resolve or feel more unresolvable?  

How do you tend to address such tensions that can create conflict with others?

Do you tend to pick one OR the other, and still feel the conflict doesn't go away?

At VeDA we hold that as we all navigate complex life and work situations, we experience multiple, simultaneous tensions that are almost impossible to resolve with our current problem-solving mindset.

We call such tensions and such unsolvable problems, polarities...

What are solvable problems? What are unsolvable polarities? How are they identified? How can integrating polarities lead to greater capacity to address complexities we face? 


These are a few of the questions we will explore during our online workshop “Embracing Complexity with Polarity Wisdom.” 


In this interactive program, we will introduce you to a critical tool, a lens, a way of thinking itself that will help you transform how you address day-to-day and strategic issues. You will learn how to identify polarities and understand how they work. You will learn how to use this new awareness to create action plans that allow you to address complex issues in more comprehensive and sustainable ways that can significantly advance both your work and your relationships.

Read on to find out how this learning can empower you to grow into a more integrated and mature leader, a more capable coach, and a masterful organizational leader. 

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VeDA brings over 21 years of experience and expertise in Polarity Wisdom for individuals, teams and organizations.

We are particularly focused on leveraging Polarity Wisdom for
Vertical Development, and have actively develo
ped robust ways
to facilitate leadership maturity using the wisdom of polarities. 

Learn more about our approach...

This program is designed for leaders, coaches, and consutants like you!

1. For Whole-system, Team, and Individual Leaders

Go beyond “problem solving" skills. Learn “polarity thinking” and “polarity management” skills. You will increase your ability to manage complexity and change, be more congruent within yourself, and be able to lead your team to more effectively integrate conflicting tendencies

2. For Coaches

Empower your clients to see and address chronic issues using a dynamic tool. You will learn a powerful new approach that helps clients viscerally understand why the same “problem” keeps coming around, and your how your coaching can naturally result in vertical development.

3. For Consultants and Change Agents

Learn how to identify systemic and organizational polarities for whole-system solutions. You will learn to address complex challenges  with sustainable interventions, especially in cases related to chronic, unsolvable problems (e.g., integrating future thinking with past successes, or the strategic and tactical)

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This program will equip you to:

Distinguish between problems to solve and polarities to manage.

Interpret some day-to-day issues you face in terms of polarities and enhance your capacity to move through change more effectively.

Understand how polarities work by learning useful tools and principles—through explanation, exercises, and application.

Use a highly practical toolkit immediately for your own learning, with your team, and with your clients—to both improve performance and support development.

Navigate complex issues with greater understanding and ease.

Appreciate how polarity wisdom facilitates vertical growth.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to help you embrace complexity

Critical aspects we will focus on to transform your capacity to embrace complexity


Leverage Personal Experience & Wisdom

We believe that learning is more powerful and sustainable when you leverage your own rich life experience and draw on your own wisdom. With our guided learning process, you will explore the lens of polarities through self-reflection exercises that spotlight your life experiences including your values, commitments, and fears. This process enables you to digest your own experiences and arrive at your own insights.


Recognize the Power of Naming

Confucius said, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” In our workshop, we will inspire you to look at things afresh, with a different lens, a different perspective, and a curious attitude so that you can name your experiences in a different, more nuanced way. Through this framing and interpreting of your emerging reality, you will gain more clarity and  be more effective, thus benefitting yourself and clients.


Build Capacity

for Both-And Thinking

Working with polarities naturally encourages you to take a step back from making value judgments about people, events, your own thoughts and feelings.  Whether we realize it or not, most of us have been trained to see the world through a lens of “either-or”. This workshop will give you tips to recognize when you might be taking this “either-or” stance, and equip you with practical ways to build your ”both-and” thinking capacity.

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Learn From VeDA's World-Class Faculty

All Our Facilitators are Certified Vertical Development Coaches

Beena Sharma

Founder | VeDA

Program Director, Lead Facilitator, Master Coach

Beena Sharma is president of the Vertical Development Academy, and an international consultant committed to serving leaders and organizations in their growth endeavors. Beena is a lead facilitator of the VeDA Coach Certification Program and consults with organizations interested in implementing vertical development. She is trained in Polarity Thinking at the Mastery level and integrates that expertise in her coaching and consulting practice.

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Michael Bertrand

Founder | Epicoaching, Singapore; Certified Developmental Coach 

Lead Facilitator | Program in APAC Region

Michael holds a rich developmental space for his clients to scale their impact on people, culture, or society, be more connected, courageous and have deep relationships with themselves and others. Michael seeks clarity, acceptance of what is and the richness of choices available in any situation. He mirrors patterns that may be getting in the way and explore alternatives. His specialties are executive coaching, team coaching, facilitation, and team performance. He has an ICF PCC certification and trained in neurobehavioral coaching, systemic coaching, adult developmental coaching, Immunity to Change and co-active coaching.


Polarity Wisdom Program Information

  • N & S America: One 4.5-hour session

  • APAC: One  4-hour session

  • Guided personal reflection

  • Interactive small group work

  • Large-group exercises and dialogue for deeper learning

  • Didactic content and instructional materials

  • Online Zoom workshop

  • N & S America: April 24, 2024, 8:30 am - 1 pm PDT

  • APAC: July 18, 2024, 
    9 am - 1 pm

  • APAC: November 12, 2024,   9 am - 1 pm

VeDA uses Zoom platform to deliver its online workshops and webinars.

Schedule & Dates

Schedule & Important Dates


Enrollment Opens:

March 13, 2024

Enrollment Closing Date:

N&S America

April 19, 2024


July 14 or November 8, 2024


We've created a rich
learning experience for you

The Program offers a rich and varied mix of learning elements to ensure you have a transformative learning experience. It is designed to equip you with the skills, capabilities, insights, depth, and confidence to facilitate integrated leadership development and change management in your clients—both explicitly and implicitly. You will learn from your peer learners as much as from your faculty!

Program Elements

What our coach participants are
saying about their experience

“It’s rare to find a 1/2 day class that produces this level of highly practical insights that you can immediately apply to increase your effectiveness in both your work and personal life. I left the class with ideas that I literally put to work the next day. I highly recommend this class to anyone curious about the deeper application of polarity management integrated with vertical development.”

Stacey Allred | Polarity Wisdom Program


Enroll for the Polarity Wisdom Program

Discover how to distinguish between problems and polarities in your world. 

Discern what are the most valuable warning signals and practices that can serve you and your clients in managing polarities.

Learn how to recognize, relate and manage complexity in a whole new way.

Learn to transform your relationship to problem solving, change, and change management in order to craft a more suited plan to manage and drive sustainable change.

By completing the Polarity Wisdom training program, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Company Rate

$629/ person

Individual Rate

$499/ person

Affiliate Rate

Contact us for details

Cancellation Policy

  • Please note, if we get fewer than the minimum number of required participants, we reserve the right to find another date (we will reschedule in consultation with enrolled participants). 

  • We do not offer any refunds, except in the case that an enrolled participant is unable to attend a rescheduled session (that is, when the session is rescheduled due to lack of minimum number of participants).

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Interested in our program,
and you have questions?

Get in touch to discuss specific questions you may have, or to register.

We will be happy to have a dialogue, so you can get a better sense of how this workshop can be valuable to you, your clients, and professional work.

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